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Once you turn 70 ½, the IRS generally requires that you begin withdrawing money from your retirement accounts (excluding Roth IRAs). The amount you must withdraw each year is called
a Minimum Required Distribution, or MRD.

Calculating the Minimum Required Distribution
Generally, your MRD is determined by dividing the adjusted market value of your tax-deferred retirement account(s) as of December 31 of the prior year, by an applicable life expectancy factor taken from the Uniform Lifetime Table. Use the MRD Calculator to help calculate your MRD.
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bullet This calculator should not be used to calculate MRDs from inherited accounts or retirement annuities, as different calculation rules apply.

For Fidelity Retirement Plan* participants who are still working
If you are not more than a 5% owner of the business you work for and you continue to work beyond age 70 ½, you may defer taking MRDs until April 1 of the calendar year after the year in which you terminate employment. Please consult with your plan administrator to determine your required beginning date.

The Fidelity Retirement Plan includes Keogh Profit Sharing Plans, Keogh Money Purchase Plans, and Self-Employed 401(k) Plans.

The MRD Calculator is intended to serve as an informational tool only, and should not be construed as legal, investment or tax advice. Please consult with a tax advisor or an investment professional about your unique circumstances.

Please verify carefully the information that you enter. The results from the MRD Calculator are based on the information that you provide throughout the tool, and are only as valid as the information provided by you. Therefore, Fidelity Investments cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results.

Contact Fidelity

  For more information call a Fidelity Retirement Representative at 800-544-4774. We also encourage you to consult with your tax advisor regarding your MRD.  


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